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Email is fixed!
April 2012. Sorry to all of you that have tried to contact us via email on the contact page. The address has now been fixed, please feel free to contact us again.

Parts list available
January 2012. Check our products page for a list of parts available for Caterpillar® application. This list is non-exhaustive, and more parts are added every week! Don't forget, we also do hose for other heavy equipment application.

10 year anniversary!
November 2011. OEM Fluid Connections celebrates 10 years in business. Since those early days the machineshop has grown extensively, allowing an ever greater assortment of parts and services for our customers.

More parts for you
September 2004. OEM Fluid Connections will be adding two new machines to its workshop, as well as expanding agreements with local specialized shops. This means even larger coverage and availability for your hose needs!

We've relocated
2003. OEM Fluid Connections has relocated to Knoxville, TN. See the "contact" page for our new details.

We're now open for business
November 2001. OEM Fluid Connections is pleased to announce a new concept in hose & coupling for the heavy equipment market. We will be your full service hose specialist, doing all cutting, coupling and crimping in house. Just give us the OE or OEM reference, or bring the hose in for identification, and we'll quote you a replacement. All our hoses use the best components available, guaranteeing compatibility and quality.

Hoses etc.!
Besides a wide range of hydraulic and air hose, we also offer tubes, connectors, fittings and couplings for all major heavy-equipment manufacturers: Caterpillar®, John Deere®, Komatsu®, JI Case®, Terex® and many more.


Most of our hose is cut to size and crimped at our brand new facility. Expect nothing but the best!

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